Terri J. Garofalo

Terri J. Garofalo - Artist, Cartoonist, Author of Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic - Co-founder of IndyPara.

Terri J. Garofalo - Co-Founder

“It’s the living you need to worry about…” – Terri J. Garofalo

Terri J. Garofalo – Co-founder

Artist, Cartoonist, Designer, Humorous Wordsmith

Hyde Park, NY

Professional Background: Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Copywriter.

Entities-R-UsĀ  Ghost Hunter Comic – http://www.entities-r-us.com


Terri is the author of the groundbreaking paranormal comic strip, Entities-R-Us. It was the comic theme, coupled with several inspiring experiences with ghosts, which caused her to become a ghost hunter. She works as a freelance designer, illustrator, and marketing enthusiast. The author of two books, Terri enjoys writing. Her favorite distraction is her Appaloosa horse, Blackjack. Together the attempt to master the art of dressage, an odd occupation for a Western horse bred by the Nez Pierce Indians… but, he’s pretty good at it.

“In order to write about a field, one has to become immersed in it. I found I could not consciously draw well for Entities without experiencing the equipment, the people, and the feeling of sitting alone in the dark asking for something unseen to materialize.

Previously, I had many ghostly encounters. The first one was in an apartment three of us rented after college. It was trial by fire – I was held in my bed night after night, hearing whispering in my ear, and unable to move. Why I didn’t flee – who knows?! I guess I’m a stubborn cuss… I chose to stand up to it. I ordered it to quit (doing my best impersonation of my mother when she’s angry – an effective device, I assure you!). It worked. Next, I had an invisible helper. It would turn lights out for me, wake me up when I forgot to set my alarm by shaking the bed gently, and even hiding a wingnut for a drawing table, which I realized I was putting together wrong after I cussed about the missing wingnut (it was returned as soon as I righted it). Earl, as we discovered later, had died in MY room. Obviously, he did not realized he had died as he was drunk at the time, a condition he was in most of the time…

It was here I began to have compassion for those who are stuck. I hope to return to release Earl, if he hasn’t already ‘moved on.’ Since then, I’ve lived in a couple haunted houses and have experienced various forms of paranormal activity. It never occurred to me to seek it as it was readily accessible.

I truly enjoy the process and the communication with spirits. At this point, I don’t feel the need to PROVE ghosts exist. I know they do. I know we are more than this body, and we live on afterward in whatever capacity we choose. Some choose to be attached to the earth, homes, or objects… This is a sad existence. But, it is the product of our attachment to “stuff” and our thoughts. These can bind one to a circumstance so they relive it over and over after they die, or even if they are still alive (this explains residual hauntings, which can be with the living as well). It seems part of my duty, as a paranormal enthusiast is to release these people from their thoughts and end their suffering.

For the record… It’s not always about the living! It’s time to get over ourselves and embrace our spirit!”

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