Ryan Leibermann

Ryan Leiberman - Investigator for IndyPara

Ryan Leibermann - Investigator

Ryan Liebermann – Investigator

Wappingers Falls, NY

Professional Background: Corrections Officer

My name is Ryan Liebermann, I am 24 years old and work as a Corrections Officer for New York State.

I have always been interested by the paranormal and unexplained, even as a young child I was always intrigued by Bigfoot, the Lochness monster, UFO’s and of course ghosts. I had several experiences as a child that I did not understand and scared me, and growing into later years I embraced those childhood fears and delved into the paranormal looking for answers. I first got started in paranormal investigation after moving into a new house with my family and quickly started experiencing things that could not be explained such as cabinets opening by themselves, voices from people who were not there and watching objects move by themselves right in front of my eyes. After seeing some TV shows and being contacted by a local paranormal group I started recording EVPs and taking pictures revealing evidence I never thought I would collect. Since then I have dedicated myself to finding the answers and explanations for these phenomena. I believe that if there is survival after death and we can be contacted by those no longer with us, we can document and record our findings and maybe someday bring irrefutable proof to the table. Until that time I will always be intrigued by the things we cannot explain and try my best to shed light on a dark and sometimes controversial topic.

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