Nathan Drake Schoonover

Nathan Drake Schoonover, Investigator for IndyPara

Nathan Drake Schoonover - Investigator, Occultist

Nathan Drake Schoonover Investigator, Occultist

Danbury, CT

Professional Background: Reality TV Star, Consultant

Nathan Schoonover is a student of history and the occult, as well as a Master Mason. He is also a paranormal researcher. He believes in the possibilities of the paranormal and he accepts that there may be evidence to support it; however, he does not believe anyone has captured proof of its existence. He has spent 20 years working with ghost hunters, demonologists, psychics and other researchers; he’s peeked in back doors, watched occult ceremonies, and joined in pagan rituals even though he is not a pagan himself. He has spent years talking with paranormal witnesses and studying the philosophies of believers and nonbelievers in the supernatural.

Nathan was a consultant on The Everything Ghost Hunting Book and has recently appeared on Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge as an investigator. In 2009, he was co-host of A&E’s two-night special Extreme Paranormal, and in 2008 he appeared as a historian for’s Streets of Fear. He has also appeared as an EVP specialist on a supernatural episode of The Maury Show and has recently appeared on a new web series, Paranormal Valley. He was co-host of The Ghostman & Demon Hunter radio show from 2007-2011, which was voted a Top Ten Paranormal Show by Haunted America Tours for three consecutive years. Nathan has provided occult and historical research for several paranormal television shows including Animal Planet’s The Demon Exorcist and Travel Channel’s The Dead Files.

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