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John Boles - investigator for IndyPara

John Boles – Investigator -photo courtesy of John Boles










John BolesInvestigator

Red Hook, NY.

Professional Background: Veteran Truck Driver, EMT, Ambulette Driver for the Handicapped and Wheelchair Bound. Photographer

I’ve always had and interest in the unknown and unexplained, as in UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, and even our local lake monster, Champ. I love Halloween and enjoy driving about town in my vintage hearse.

My interest in the paranormal really got started when I was with my family visiting a historical house connected to my ancestry. While we stood in the pantry as the tour guide discussed the bible box and how this one was not the original to the house. I was thinking about the bible box my grandmother had and wondering if that was the real one. At that time I felt somebody move behind me. I leaned forward to let them pass and there was nobody there. I believed it may have been one of my ancestors letting me know they knew I was visiting the house.

Watching paranormal tv shows ignited an interest in paranormal investigating to discover what’s REALLY on “The Other Side”

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