Donna Parish-Bischoff

Donna Parish-Bischoff - Co-Founder with Mr. Nibbles.

Donna Parish-Bischoff – Co-Founder with Mr. Nibbles.

Writer, Solitary Wiccan, Paranormal Investigator, Advocate for Animal Welfare

Hyde Park , New York

Professional Background: 22 year veteran of a local cable company


I started having paranormal experiences as early as the age of five. It started shortly after I stopped breathing due to an allergic reaction due to a measles vaccine.

At first feeling frightened by these experiences as a child, I soon grew to embrace and question the unknown. This longing to understand the endless levels of existence has awakened my senses to be more open to the paranormal. For there is so much more than meets the eye.

It is with great respect that I follow this path that brings the veils of the universe together to communicate with one another. My longing to discover what happens after our body’s die has become for lack of a better word… an obsession

I am the author of The Lee Avenue Haunting and my second book; Growing Up Paranormal will be available in autumn of 2013.  Here is the Amazon link:


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    Elisa Reale says:

    Looking forward to more great things that you guys do! ALWAYS interesting !

    • Thanks! I will be adding more and more. The initial content upload is daunting. That’s what is taking me so long!


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