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Big Guy Media is the producer of Paranormal Valley. IndyPara has worked with the team for various episodes of this Hudson Valley based production company. They are a creative, top-notch outfit worthy of your attention!

At Big Guy Media we help our clients leverage the internet with compelling video and live streaming content

In addition to our work with our clients, the Big Guy Media team runs an online TV network dedicated to the Hudson Valley:

Some of our shows include:

* Good To Go: In Good To Go, host Brittany Oat will explore all of the great places in the Hudson Valley where you can get a quick bite to eat

* Just A Minute Joe: Join us as we show you where to you can get a great cup of coffee . . . and it all happens in just a minute

* 48 Hour Design: 48 Hour Design, with designer Laura Angelini, will take you into the lives and homes of area residents as their living spaces are made over in just 48 hours with some help from their friends

* Paranormal Valley: Crawl inside the minds of real-life ghost-hunters as they work in teams to track down and investigatereported hauntings in the Hudson Valley.

* Signature Dish: Join our host Dylan Kennedy as we head into your favorite restaurant and learn how to cook one of their signature dishes

Felix Oliveri - The Big Guy of Big Guy Media

Felix Oliveri - The Big Guy

Sarah Oliveri - Administrator for Big Guy Media

Sarah Oliveri - Administrator

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