Andrew Seidel

Andy Siedel - Investigator, Technician for IndyPara

Andy Seidel - Investigator, Technician

Andrew Seidel – Investigator, Technician

Pine Plains, NY

Professional Background: NYS Licensed Professional Engineer – Environmental, Self-Defense Instructor

Andy comes with a diverse background in Civil and Chemical Engineering and has been for the past decade working as a consultant in the Hudson Valley for various water and wastewater projects, both large and small.  He utilizes this training as well as previous work in security to look for the scientific answers to what are thought to be paranormal causes.  He does not consider himself to be a psychic or sensitive, so he relies strictly on the technology to reveal what is occurring at a location.

He has always had an interest in the paranormal and while at the University in the mid-1990’s he had his first true paranormal experience.  In 2006 he began in earnest studying and investigating the paranormal.  Andy has been co-founder of another group (now defunct); and has been senior investigator of another group before branching out on his own.  He investigates mainly with IndyPara.


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