Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic - Ghost Ghost T-Shirt Design

Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic - Ghost Ghost T-Shirt Design. (Available on CafePress.com) ©2011 by Terri J. Garofalo

Ghot Ghost?

Are you having problems with paranormal activity? Do you suspect your home or business is haunted? Contact IndyPara for answers. We will attempt to dispel any fears you may have.

Ghosts are human, just like you and I. They behave like people who are being ignored or unable to communicate. They will go to great lengths to be noticed. There is not much they can do beyond making sounds, moving small objects, swinging doors or sometimes appearing as a shadow, mist, flash of light, or an orb. Rarely can they muster the energy to manifest as a solid form.For the most part, they CANNOT HURT YOU.

Most orbs you capture on digital cameras are only dust, or moisture. The way the flash is set up on most cameras causes it to reflect off particles in the air. Photographic evidence is the most difficult to capture. So, when in doubt, it’s probably not conclusive. Disembodied voices and some sounds, which cannot be accounted for might be paranormal. Make sure you rule out all possibilities. Just a neighbor walking down the street can have his/her voice carry into your living room and seem ghostly.

We can attempt to remove a ghost, but there are no guarantees. Spirits have wills of their own and we cannot govern their choices. We can encourage them to go. If they won’t, we can open dialog between both parties, and come to a solution that works for both the living, and the dead. You can coexist with a ghost. Sometimes it can be pleasant. If anyone tells you they can positively remove a one, they are likely scam artists. When you interview investigators (and you should talk to several), beware of those who jump to the demonic conclusion. A regular ghost can seem demonic when it is seeking attention.

IndyPara is compassionate to both the living and the spirits. We care about the welfare of both. We are here to help. No one should suffer in this life or the afterlife, if it can be helped.

If you are experiencing activity and are uncomfortable with it, ask the spirit to stop. You can tell them to leave your family and children alone. Sometimes that is all it takes. You can ask them to move on. Explain NICELY, they are deceased. Their family and friends await them on the other side, and they should go to the light and meet them. Assure them anything they have done wrong has been forgiven, and they will be welcomed home. Sometimes it might be a relative of you own. So, be aware of that and be kind. They want understanding as much as you do.

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  1. I check you guys out all the time. Love the stories and what you do…I would love to come one day or more and see some spirits again.

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