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We do not accept any solicitation. We do not want help with marketing.
This is a non-profit, and we don’t pay solicitors.

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  1. Hi
    I am a retired NYC teacher living in Stanfordville. As a child living in a testament house in Brooklyn, I saw an apparition several times walking through the apartment. Of course I never said anything because you just didn’t. Now that people are accepting of such things, I feel finally, it does happen. I am most interested in becoming part of a team and you are in my area. I would love to at least do background, historical checks for an investigation. I would venture fieldwork but I need to talk about it as I have had experiences. Thank you for considering my request. Dawn Smyth

    • Dawn,
      We are not accepting new members at this time. Mostly because we go out infrequently, and it wouldn’t be fair to you to wait around. We’ll keep you in mind though.

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