Staatsburg Library – Staatsburg, NY

The Staatsburg Library was originally a chapel built by Mrs. Margaret Lewis Livingston in the 1850s. While St. Margaret’s Church was being constructed, the chapel was used for services. Other parishes used the building as well. It stands on the edge of the Dinsmore Golf Course, the oldest in the United States. It is named after the Dinsmore family who owned the land previously.

Early photo of the chapel for St. Margaret Church in Staatsburg, now the library.

Early photo of the chapel for St. Margaret Church in Staatsburg, now the library. -courtesy of Staatsburg Library

Photo of Staatsburg Library in Staatsburg, NY

Staatsburg Library was once an old chapel to the church next door. -photo by Donna Davies.

Paranormal activity is reportedly experienced in the old chapel. Library personnel have experienced books and objects being moved around. One feels welcomed in the building. Whoever is haunting here is friendly.

Investigation – May 2011

IndyPara’s Terri J. Garofalo and Donna Parish-Bischoff conducted a small investigation with only EMF-meters, cameras and audio recorders.

Personal Experiences

There were no really obvious experiences initially aside from some energy fluctuations. The EMF readings were pretty quiet. However, audio evidence was convincing. There were several strong EVPs picked up in the attic, which happens to be the newer part of the building. Donna picked up a dark shadow on one photograph taken in the conference room. This one wasn’t explainable since the following photo showed no shadow.

IndyPara followed this investigation with a lecture the following month. Terri and Donna discussed ghosts, investigating and experiences. They shared the evidence collected at the library.

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