Smalley’s Evidence Photos

Previous investigation by Terri J. Garofalo with O.R.B.
(Obsideo Research of Beyond) in 2009.

Photo series of a black mass appearing in front of the camera in sequence.

Three consecutive photos taken at Smalley's Inn in 2009 with Obsideo Research of Beyond. The first shows something black covering the lens; the second it moves to the left; the third it is gone. The previous show showed only the room and no black mass. -photos by Terri J. Garofalo.

This sequence shows a black mass crossing the camera lens and leaving. The camera is a Cannon Powershot G6 with a telescoping lens. It is impossible for the lens cap to cover a telescoping lens. Terri has small hands and cannot cover the lens or flash with her fingers. This was taken facing table 22, where the woman is supposed to sit. There was activity on the K2 meter at the time.

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