Smalleys Inn Restaurant – Carmel NY

Haunted Smalley's Inn Restaurant, Carmel, NY

Smalley's Inn Restaurant - Carmel, NY -courtesy of Big Guy Media

Smalley’s Inn Restaurant, located on Gleneida Avenue in Carmel, New York, sports haunted tales of apparitions, moving objects, dark shadows and cold spots.

James J. Smalley built the inn in 1852. Smalley was a prominent figure in the community serving as sheriff, treasurer and coroner. The inn was used as a morgue during the Civil War. Bodies were stored in the basement for identification before being buried in nearby Union Cemetery.

The spirit of Elizabeth Smalley, child of James, has reportedly been seen by employees and customers. Her tombstone was discovered by contractors digging on Gypsy Trail. It was brought to the inn where it remained until a relative claimed it. Elizabeth chooses to remain here, probably because she played at the inn as a child.

Also present is a lady from the late 1800s who haunts booth 22. She lingers at the table, sometimes tugging on visitors clothing.

A large mirror imported from Europe in the 1850s hangs in the dining room. There have been stories of customers seeing faces other than the living present at the time. Photographs have been taken with what appears to be faces.

Another tale is of a busboy being paranormally locked into the basement meat locker.

Activity picked up when the son of the owner and a friend played with a Ouija board in the place. They picked up the spirit of a former employee that committed suicide (not on the property). After that, the activity increased. The phone would ring with no one at the other end. Customer cell phones

Investigation: May 2011,
filmed by Big Guy Media for episode 4 of Paranormal Valley.

Investigators: Donna Parish-Bischoff, Terri J. Garofalo, Nathan Drake Schoonover, Andy Seidel, Kelly Leiberman.


Kelly Leiberman and Terri Garofalo witnessed a flash of light about child height zip behind Donna Parish-Bischoff in the back dining room just in front of the alcove. It moved quickly to the right as you face the alcove.

Terri also witnessed two orbs in the liquor room as she was setting up. The first was 5 inches above her head near a hole. The second passed below her knees heading to the back of the space. Both were unable to be debunked.

Kelly Leiberman and Andy Seidel detected an EMF field the size of a person near table 22.

Everyone witnessed a sink move inexplicably in the storage basement in the room facing the road. This one was caught on camera by Big Guy Media. Each of us had a different view. Donna was seated next to the sink. Kelly was standing opposite close to it. Terri was sitting behind it, the camera as in front. We initially heard tapping around it. It was first believed to be a rodent. Upon examination, none were found. The sink began to shift slightly across the floor. Donna’s EMF detector lit up. There was a high EMF (electromagnetic field) reading surrounding the sink. It later completely tipped over.

Possible explanations were temperature shifts (unlikely in a steady basement atmosphere), or flexible hose shifting. Andy had tripped over this same sink previously. The EMF returned to normal after the activity. Attempts to recreate the incident failed.

Terri J. Garofalo is the author of Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. Often she cartoons the IndyPara investigations, including the team members. Check out the Smalley’s series. Just click the comic and be transported to the series where you can scroll ahead through the Entities archives.

The first of the Smalley's Inn investigation series on Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. -courtesy of Terri J. Garofalo

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