Garrison House

Garrison House, Montgomery, NY. -courtesy of Garrison House

Garrison House, Montgomery, NY. -courtesy of Garrison House

The Garrison house is a lovely bed and breakfast in Montgomery, New York. It was originally built in 1751 by Isaac Garrison, a patriot of the Revolutionary War. He fought in the battle of Ft. Montgomery and was captured by the British.

The Revolutionary Road ran beside the building long before Route 9W was thought of. Garrison House may have been a stop for travelers. In 1761, Captain Molly Corbin, the first female war veteran to be given a pension, stayed here as a boarder under the care of a Mrs. Randall. Corbin had been badly injured in the war never fully recovering from her wounds. Her husband was killed by enemy fire while operating the cannons. Molly stepped in and resumed his post, thus earning her Captain status. She was a true hero of the war.

Garrison was enlarged around 1924 gaining a porch, back living quarters. Owners Walter and Bertha Garrison opened the Chimney Corner Tea House. Today the Garrison welcomes travelers as guests. The tea house was replace by a gift shop. The hospitality still remains with this home steeped in American history.

If you stay, you will be welcomed by more than the present day proprietors! You can’t have a revolution without creating a few ghosts…

Check it out for yourself!

The Haunting

Many people have reported activity at the Garrison. Some have seen apparitions of a man. Others have heard voices. Some have experienced the covers coming off their beds at night by unseen hands.

IndyPara invited Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators to join them, along with the Paranormal Valley crew to film it for an episode.

Personal Experiences

The Garrison was one of our quieter investigations. Psychic impressions abounded; conclusive evidence did not. We did find some EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). Many of these occurred while we were on break, a typical situation for us. Ghosts are more responsive when they join in on the party, as opposed to being grilled for information.

Our initial impression was one of welcome. It was clear we were not dealing with anything remotely demonic, just good wholesome spirits. The tour took us up, down and around odd staircases, strangely positioned rooms… it was a veritable fun house. The elderly staircases would pitch you forward, giving one the illusion of being shoved along, if only by gravity.

Ed Bates and Donna Parish-Bischoff felt a deep sadness in the Lakeview Room. It was so intense Ed was brought to tears. Donna felt ill. Terri J. Garofalo could feel a deeper, heavy energy in the space. She noted it seems to retreat to the closet. This entity seemed to elude us all evening. We can be a frightening bunch with all the equipment and scary talk.

On the first floor, Charlie Diottaviano of Pokip Paranormal suddenly felt a deep depression. He wandered around saying he didn’t want to ghost hunt anymore. He was quite unlike himself, his fellow investigators noted.

James Mulcahy, Ed Bates and the Pokip Paranormal crew saw a shadow in the room off the foot of the main stairs. They also hear a voice there as they set up equipment.

While sitting for an EVP session in the Rose Room, Paranormal Valley cameraperson Sanya Maria piped up and said we need to go to the barn. This was odd, even to her, as she said she didn’t understand why she even said it. Since we were not there to film the barn, on break, Sanya, Donna and Terri investigated. There was definitely an energetic presence there. AND, it did yield some interesting EVPs.

Terri, Donna and Andy Seidel ventured into the basement on the newer side of the building (circa 1800s). It was here they experienced seemingly intelligent answers using the K2 meter (KII – I use “2” to help you all understand – not everyone is a Roman numeral fan). We seemed to have the spirit of a cook there. It answered yes to cook as a profession. It answered yes to working in the area,┬ábut not in the Garrison.

Nathan Schoonover, James, Donna, Terri and Andy set up camp in the Patriot Room on the 2nd floor. This room seemed to have an interesting energy, Terri noted. She could sense the activity. This room is reported to have customers complain of having their bed sheets pulled. We had some response on the K2 meter.

The most intriguing place was the root cellar under the trap door in the caretaker’s apartment. This room had all the makings of a cobwebbed spook-fest. Terri ventured into the crawlspace below the gift shop. She came out with cobwebs all over her hat. One would expect this place to be filled with ghosts. Not much went on. We even sent Donna in with the infrared goggles invented by Felix Oliveri of Paranormal Valley under the gift shop to see what she could pick up. Unfortunately a glitch caused a complete loss of the data recorded! I just proved ghosts don’t always hang out in the scary spots… maybe they are frightened of them, or just not keen on lurking in a dank, dark basement.

We finished the night in the basement with the entire group. Ed Bates felt spirits all around him. A couple members saw a shadow ducking around. There was limited response on the EMF and K2 meters. The highlight was a scratching noise, which kept occurring. Nathan went upstairs to determine the location; the rest of us dragged out the flashlights and scoped the soffits, where the noise seemed to emanate. Suddenly, the culprit revealed itself in the form of a rather large mouse chewing on some wood. Alas, we had a debunking. We found no answers to Ed’s breezes he felt in the corner. We couldn’t determine a draft.

The conclusion was the place seemed to have some spirits lurking in the corners, but they were reticent to reveal themselves. We did not gather enough evidence for a conclusive haunting. The EVPs show there are a few there. We suspect they came out after we left to talk shop. This is one of those places you need to go in with very few people, and little equipment. They are easily intimidated here. However, they are not adverse to socializing with the occasional guest. If they like you, you’ll have a friend for the evening. If not, they’ll leave you alone.

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