Garrison House – 2013


Garrison House

Garrison House as the sun wanes. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

We returned to the Garrison House in Ft. Montgomery, NY. on January 19th. This time we were without a camera crew. The first experience told us the spirits were reticent to engage with us under those conditions. We were correct. This time we were treated to much more activity.

Owner Holly Gokey’s hospitality was supreme as she welcomed us into her beautiful bed and breakfast.  Not everybody wants to stay up all night while strangers romp through their property looking for ghosts… She and Nichole were most accommodating. If you ever want to stay at a gorgeous revolutionary war period home with friendly ghosts and kind service, visit the Garrison House. It’s both homey and lovely.

Poughkeepsie Paranormal team joined us for this one. The first investigation we did together was at Garrison House in 2012. John Boles, our newest IndyPara member joined us on this one as well.

John was the center of attention in the basement when Donna took several photos showing light anomalies around him. These were bizarre to say the least. We’re still not sure what caused it.


John Boles of IndyPara is surrounded by an anomaly in the basement of the Garrison House. -photo by Donna Parish-Bishcoff

Some of us saw orbs at the foot of the stairs leading from the Patriot room down to the first floor. The Lake room filled with a sorrow for us, much as it did last time. Ed Bates could feel anguish as he sat in the corner next to the closet. While we did not find the K-II or EMF readers responsive, some of us heard audible voices, and evps were captured.

Donna Parish-Bischoff was psychically hearing the words “baby in the wall.” This played out later in the Buttermilk room when we were told a psychic previously picked up a female slave was hiding cohorts in the root cellar, and would fetch food for them. She had a stillborn baby which the master tossed in the well. Hence, “baby in the wall” = “baby in the well.” The woman died and the hidden slave family she was protecting died of starvation, afraid to come out of hiding and face the master.

A few evps pointed to the evidence of slaves still lingering. One picked up on Terri’s recorder said (as she was unlocking the Patriot room which was the master’s quarters) “Ain’t afraid of master.”
Photos of a dark form were taken in the Garrison room, as we light anomalies. In this same room a groan was heard by Terri Garofalo. Later she picked up a door latching and closing along with footsteps on her digital recorder while everyone was downstairs breaking for pizza. Ed Bates pointed down the hallway where he saw something. This photo was taken by Donna of this event. Apparently Ed DID see something.

Ed Bates of PPI points in the direction where he claims to see something... this light anomaly was picked up at the same time. -photo by Donna Parish-Bischoff

Ed Bates of PPI points in the direction where he claims to see something… this light anomaly was picked up at the same time. -photo by Donna Parish-Bischoff

James Mulcahy from PPI, John and Terri ventured into the crawlspace under the gift shop. It was a cobwebby dusty affair. Some archeological items were unearthed, among these a marble, pottery and a bone. There is also a barrel from the 1920s that says “Hotel Tearoom Ft. Montgomery.” Yes, the Garrison was once a restaurant called the Tearoom. Terri came out with the most cobwebs… now you know why she wears a hat.

James Mulcahy of PPI in the root cellar. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

James Mulcahy of PPI in the root cellar. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The basement, Buttermilk room and Rose room proved productive as members had experiences in each. We have a clear evp of a woman’s sing/song voice saying “Sarah in the Rose room!”  Also, in the Rose room Terri, Arra Mowry, Donna and Nichole tried an unusual tactic. Terri brought a pendulum. This was her first time using the device. She confessed she did not believe it would work only to be proved wrong. It seemed to respond to her questions. During this session Donna was smacked playfully on the side of the head by an unseen source.

The teams covered every inch until early morning, when we finally gathered in the living room. At this point Terri saw what she thought was disembodied feet come down one step on the staircase after an invitation from the group encouraging the spirit to join us.

Terri tried the Etch-A-Sketch and thought she nearly had evidence, but had to discount it after comparing before and after photos. She swears one day it will prove itself as a paranormal detection device… We’re still waiting.

Entities-R-Us Comics for this investigation – Follow the series!

Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic - Garrison Redux series.

The first in the Entities-R-Us Garrison Redux series. Follow the rest on Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. This series skips around a bit, so keep poking a head to catch all of it! By Terri J. Garofalo ©2013 by Terri J. Garofalo –

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