Elmendorph Photo Evidence


February 3, 2012

These two were captured by Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators on the first trip. Note, in the same room we captured more unusual photos during the second investigation.

Dark shadow to the left in Elmendorph living room. -courtesy of James Mulcahy.

Dark shadow to the left. The second investigation yielded a similar picture. See below. -courtesy of James Mulcahy.

Strange blurry photo taken in Elmendorph livingroom on Feb 3, 2012.

Strange blurry shot taken in the livingroom. -photo by Leah Fieldson

March 31, 2012

Slide show of the possible paranormal Evidence captured at the Elmendorph Inn in Red Hook on March 31, 2012.

The first photos are a series of shots where a mist appears and creates distortion. Terri J. Garofalo took these. Initially she thought it was because her camera was on the wrong setting. However, the “landscape” setting does not interfere like this normally. These remain unexplainable. A few of the team experience odd mechanical issues with camera equipment. Terri also experienced her camera taking a picture without her pressing the button. Also, her video camera mysteriously went off setting.

Paranormal Mist disrupts photo taken on Elmendorph Inn investigation by IndyPara.

This is the most compelling photo taken in the Mist series. The table on the left has NO tablecloth on it in reality. There seems to be a figure behind John, by that may be matrixing. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The window shot seems to show a figure in period clothes from the neck down. This could be matrixing, seeing images in patterns.

Possible images of woman praying in period clothing. There could be two women. Of interest, is the drawing of a plump woman in period clothes Terri did. This image resembles the window anomaly. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The orbs in the dining room and hallway could be dust. They are interesting nonetheless considering the amount of activity experienced. It must be noted these were taken BEFORE the foray into the exceptionally dusty basement tunnel. Anything taken AFTER that would be suspected as dust particles.

Orbs in dining room of Elmendorph Inn.

Orbs appearing in dining room of Elmendorph Inn. Two investigators sensed a presence in here at the time. It's not true evidence, but an interesting coincidence. Until we know more about these anomalies, they are circumstantial only. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Orbs in hallway of Elmendorph Inn, Red Hook.

Orbs captured in the hallway of Elmendorph Inn. While not true evidence, it is interesting. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The odd photos of Ed were taken by Terri in the “living room,” the same place the mist anomalies occurred. This one was initially thought to be a camera strap. She spent some time attempting to reproduce it. In order to create these shots, she would need to hold the strap in front of the telescoping lens of her camera. As Terri said, “That would be too much effort for a lousy photo.”

Dark shadow in living room of Elmendorph Inn.

Dark shadow appear on the left in the Ed in the living room series. This one is the most compelling because this is definitely NOT a camera strap. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The last photo was taken by Arra Mowry. It appears to be a solid light orb on the stairs.

Orb captured on the Stairs during IndyPara investigation. Photo by Arra Mowry.

Orb captured on the stairs. This one appears opaque rather than transparent. -photo by Arra Mowry

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  1. Pretty cool shots! I like the slide show….

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