Elmendorph Inn

Elemendorph Inn, Red Hook, NY

Elemendorph Inn, circa 1760, Red Hook, New York. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The Elmendorph inn in Red Hook, New York was originally a farmhouse in the in the 1760’s. When the Revolutionary War was underway, the building was used a tavern and meeting place for local patriots. By 1785, the Elmendorf became a stagecoach stop. It was the place to be to catch up with the local news, have a friendly conversation and be a part of the community.

Stamp discovered in the newer edition, now is displayed under glass for all to see. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The increased activity necessitated an addition in 1803. Later a kitchen with an enormous brick oven was added. The Town of Red Hook began its existence hosting town meetings and court at the Elmendorph. The grounds hosted the first local agricultural fair.

The era of the stagecoach diminished with the advent of railroads and steamships. And so, the building’s tavern days were over. It became a two family home around 1854. From 1887-1894 it was a school for Kindergarten, then an antique store.

By the 1960s Elmendorph was in such bad shape, it was abandoned and by the 1970s slated to be torn down. Friends of the Elmendorph was formed to save it. They purchased it in 1977, securing its historic registration a year later. Restoration began. Today it stands as a community structure once more hosting local events. Elmendorph is an impressive example of historic architecture. And, it seems to have its share of spirits!

IndyPara, Pougkeepsie Paranormal Investigators and M3P group portrait at the Elmendorph Inn, Red Hook, NY.

Elmendorph Inn investigation - March 31, 2012: IndyPara, Pou Para, M3P investigators (left-right): John Robinson, Terri J. Garofalo, Ed Bates, Donna Parish-Bischoff, James Mulcahy, and Arra Mowry. -photo by Donna Parish-Bischoff

IndyPara joined Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators to investigate this building for the first time on February 3, 2012. The Indy team consisted of Donna Parish-Bischoff and John Robinson. Pou Para consisted of James Mulcahy, Ed Bates, Micheal Robert Groth, and Leah Fieldson.

Personal Experiences:

Donna’s account of the evening,

“My first impression was I froze when I got to the stairwell. I had a heavy feeling as if a child (I saw a young boy, in my minds eye) hanging. Then I experienced severe nausea in the upstairs ‘Tub Room.’ As soon as I came downstairs I felt much better.”

She later caught an EVP in the living room that said, “Oh Fuck.” This was later identified by a Elmendorph friend as a former benefactor named Herman Gorgens, who passed in 2008, yet still watches over the inn, apparently.

James Mulcahy of Pou Para described his team’s experiences.

“That night after donna and john left, in the first original room, I had intelligent hits on the Kll. As I moved, it followed as I asked it to. Leah was feeling lots of cold spots. I had my shirt tugged. Mikey I sent upstairs in the tub room by himself for a little bit. He felt he had to get out.”

The same teams, plus or minus members, returned for a second round on March 31, 2012. IndyPara consisted of Donna Parish-Bischoff, Terri J. Garofalo and John Robinson. Joining them was Arra Mowry from M3P paranormal team. Pou Para consisted of James Mulcahy and Ed Bates.


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