Blue Store Restaurant

Blue Store Restaurant in Livingston, NY.

Blue Store Restaurant in Livingston, NY. -photo by James Mulcahy.

Located in Livingston, New York, just north of Rhinebeck and Red Hook on Route 9, The Blue Store Restaurant is a fine dining establishment with a well-appointed bar. The place has been beautifully decorated and is worth price of a good meal just to experience it. Records for the building place it’s beginning in 1803, however, it is believed to have been built around the 1750’s. It was a “Stock Exchange” or mercantile, later it became a stagecoach stop and a brothel. It nearly burned down in the 1840’s. The upper story was rebuilt. In the 1900’s it became a hotel, and later, a post office. It became a liquor store and bar in the 1950s. Today is remains a bar and now a restaurant as well.

Paranormal activity has been reported here. It is believed centered around a young woman who was run over by a stagecoach on her wedding day just outside the building. There are also claims of a former employee staying on after death. A shadow figure was seen near the stairwell leading up to the second floor. The basement seems to have poltergeist activity with rocks being thrown at employees. The owner’s brother had his hand pushed away from a bottle of liquor there. The bar has been a source of activity. A wine glass was thrown as the same brother.

Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators was the first group to investigate the Blue Store Restaurant in October of 2011. They were joined by IndyPara for the Paranormal Valley, Live episode in 2012.

This investigation was exciting. There were several personal experiences, but the evidence of it was sparse. The fervor of the television broadcast caused the spirits to back off. There were a few EVPs, most of which were picked up BEFORE it all began.

Personal Experiences

Terri Garofalo heard a voice in the upstairs bedroom, which has the wood paneling.

Ed Bates was pushed from behind by an unseen force. There were a lot of seemingly intelligent responses through the K2 and EMF meters. Terri experimented with psychic drawing. While none of the drawings could be confirmed, the results were interesting.

Ed also saw a vision of a man in the bar area.

Most of the activity seemed to be in the bar area and an upstairs room on the south east side of the place (room with the makeshift closet). There was a lot of action on the K2 meters and EMF meters. The read was generally high in this place though, but it moved around also.

Ultimately, this was an exciting experience, though it was not conducive to a thorough investigation. Including TV and a film crew seems to put the spirits off their game. Those brave enough to come through do so reluctantly. This investigation yielded the least evidence so far.

When we work with Big Guy Media for a Paranormal Valley Episode, the crew is generally invisible. There is no strict direction or interruption as was experienced with the live episode. Things change when you are doing a live broadcast. There is a time limit. Also, entertainment is a huge consideration. It is here we lose the investigation aspect. We plan to go back to Blue Store for a true study of the spirits there. Only then will we glean accurate evidence, and open communication with whoever is there.




Terri J. Garofalo often cartoons the investigations she participates in. click on the comic below to witness the cartoon version of what went on at the Blue Store Restaurant live investigation filmed by Paranormal Valley.

Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic series on the LIVE investigation of Blue Store Restaurant. -courtesy of Terri J. Garofalo

Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic series on the LIVE investigation of Blue Store Restaurant. -courtesy of Terri J. Garofalo

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