Brian Harnois at the Garrison with IndyPara

Event - Garrison House with Brian Harnois - March 22-23

-Courtesy of Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators


Tonite we join Brian Harnois formerly from Ghost Hunters, SyFy for a public investigation at the Garrison House in Fort Montgomery. Some of you know we’ve already been there twice. This time I have some great questions for evp sessions.

At this point, we are confident we are dealing with the spirits of Sarah, a slave or two and Mr. Garrison. It pays to do hit a place more than once to be certain of who or what you are dealing with. This greatly enhances communication.

We are looking forward to joining the gang from PPI (Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators), Brian and the paranormal fans who will join us.

If you are reading this on Saturday, March 23, you may be able to get in on this if you call the Garrison House: 845-446-2322.
Visit the website for more information on the Garrison House bed and breakfast:

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