Blue Store Restaurant Burns

–Courtesy of Lance Wheeler*

The ghosts are gone from the Blue Store Restaurant in Livingston, NY. March 15, 2014 saw it up in flames. Fourteen fire departments labored unsuccessfully to save the 1804 landmark. The Blaze began on the second floor and quickly spread consuming nearly all of the building. Only the front quarter remained.

This is devastating for the community and the owners. The cause of the fire is unknown and is still under investigation. This is a blow to IndyPara and those who investigated with us back in 2012.

As paranormal investigators, we are deeply interested in the history of the places we explore. The spirits we encounter are woven into the fabric of it. The second floor was a haven for many of the entities left from the stagecoach days. A former employee inhabited the kitchen and bar. It is our job to uncover them and integrate the findings with historic knowledge. And now it is gone. All we have left are a few EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and some personal experiences.

Our hearts go out to the community that lost an important local icon. Our thanks go out to the firefighters whose efforts prevented further damage and injury.



2014, Mar 16 – Register Star, Fire destroys historic Blue Store Restaurant:

*2014, Mar 16 – Lance Wheeler, Livingston Blue Store Blaze-Dramatic “New” Video, YouTube:

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