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IndyPara has been on the down low lately, due to personal fun and excitement. However, we finally are moving back into the cases. We have an interesting haunting we will be investigating later this month.

We look forward to breaking in a couple new team members, and re-seasoning the old ones. This new case involves poltergeist activity, physical sightings of orbs, and the hiding of objects. Either we’re dealing with a child, an angry ghost, or an elemental nature spirit.

So, all hands on deck! This should be a hoot.

Stay tuned for updates!


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IndyPara an integral part of the Wappinger Falls Halloween Parade

IndyPara co-founder Donna Parish-Bischoff was one of the main organizers of the first annual Wappingers Falls Halloween Parade on Oct. 18th, 2014. She and Donna Davies dreamed up this venture. It was a huge success. Enjoy the Spooky News and photos from the event. We hope to see you next year!

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Blue Store Restaurant Burns

–Courtesy of Lance Wheeler*

The ghosts are gone from the Blue Store Restaurant in Livingston, NY. March 15, 2014 saw it up in flames. Fourteen fire departments labored unsuccessfully to save the 1804 landmark. The Blaze began on the second floor and quickly spread consuming nearly all of the building. Only the front quarter remained.

This is devastating for the community and the owners. The cause of the fire is unknown and is still under investigation. This is a blow to IndyPara and those who investigated with us back in 2012.

As paranormal investigators, we are deeply interested in the history of the places we explore. The spirits we encounter are woven into the fabric of it. The second floor was a haven for many of the entities left from the stagecoach days. A former employee inhabited the kitchen and bar. It is our job to uncover them and integrate the findings with historic knowledge. And now it is gone. All we have left are a few EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and some personal experiences.

Our hearts go out to the community that lost an important local icon. Our thanks go out to the firefighters whose efforts prevented further damage and injury.



2014, Mar 16 – Register Star, Fire destroys historic Blue Store Restaurant:

*2014, Mar 16 – Lance Wheeler, Livingston Blue Store Blaze-Dramatic “New” Video, YouTube:

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My Ghost Story

Indy Para appeared on a couple episodes of My Ghost Story (Biography Channel). Here’s the trailer for the Miss Fanny’s episode! (Also look for the Patchett House episode.)

Discover Miss Fanny’s on the Haunted History Trail!

My Ghost Story S4 E14 by CMPunk77

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Beacon Halloween Parade 2013

IndyPara and friends led off the annual Halloween Parade with John Boles’ hearse and a butt-load of candy for the kids!

Left to right: John Boles, Arra Mowry, Donna Davies, Donna Parish-Bischoff

Left to right: John Boles, Arra Mowry, Donna Davies, Donna Parish-Bischoff





Leading off the parade with John's hearse, Entities-R-Us and IndyPara - photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Leading off the parade with John’s hearse, Entities-R-Us and IndyPara – photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Beacon Halloween Parade of costumed children

Left to right: John Boles (Grim Reaper), Thor (Cartoon Ghost from Entities-R-Us), Terri J. Garofalo (Hippie), Donna Parish-Bischoff (Zombie), Donna Davies (Witch) Left to right: John Boles (Grim Reaper), Thor (Cartoon Ghost from Entities-R-Us), Terri J. Garofalo (Hippie), Donna Parish-Bischoff (Zombie), Donna Davies (Witch)

The crowd was endless! – Photo by Terri J. Garofalo

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Ghost Girls are Speaking Spooky

Grinnell Library is prepping for it’s October “Spooky Series” lineup.

IndyPara members, Donna Parish-Bischoff and Terri J. Garofalo will be speaking. Donna Davies of Hudson Valley Halloween magazine will be sponsoring spooky crafts. Julia Drahos of Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House will be talking haunting! These are free to the public, but you better reserve a seat – Grinnell Library in 2642 East Main Street, Wappingers Falls, NY. 845-297-3428.

Check out the lineup!

Grinnell Library Spooky Ghost Voices talk with Terri J. Garofalo


Grinnell Library Spooky Series Bump in the Night with Julia Drahos

Grinnell Library Spooky Series Paranormal Activity with Donna Parish-Bischoff

Grinnell Library Spooky Series Make Your Own Spiders with Donna Davies

Grinnell Library Spooky Series Make Your Own Candalabra with Donna Davies

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Brian Harnois at the Garrison with IndyPara

Event - Garrison House with Brian Harnois - March 22-23

-Courtesy of Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators


Tonite we join Brian Harnois formerly from Ghost Hunters, SyFy for a public investigation at the Garrison House in Fort Montgomery. Some of you know we’ve already been there twice. This time I have some great questions for evp sessions.

At this point, we are confident we are dealing with the spirits of Sarah, a slave or two and Mr. Garrison. It pays to do hit a place more than once to be certain of who or what you are dealing with. This greatly enhances communication.

We are looking forward to joining the gang from PPI (Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators), Brian and the paranormal fans who will join us.

If you are reading this on Saturday, March 23, you may be able to get in on this if you call the Garrison House: 845-446-2322.
Visit the website for more information on the Garrison House bed and breakfast:

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Harmony House

Harmony House Bed and Breakfast, Saugerties, NY -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Harmony House Bed and Breakfast -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

The Harmony House in Saugerties, NY was the subject of our February 23 investigation. There was no reported activity here, but we though we would poke around and see what we could find.

Our psychic friend Sebastian Black did not know the location or name of our location, yet he successfully predicted which bedroom we would find activity. He was spot on. We had KII reaction in the Versailles room. We also picked up a few evps that evening.

Ultimately, this is not an active location. The spirits are part of the fabric of the building. They do no choose to interact with the guests or owners. This place is warm and inviting, and some of that probably comes from the energies that be.

So, if you want an exceptionally lovely place to stay as you visit Woodstock, NY and the Catskill region, Harmony House is the place to go.

Harmony House, 1659 Rt. 213, Saugerties, NY 12477 • 845-679-1277




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Photo Evidence and EVPS are loaded!

Check out the Garrison House 2013 case evidence! There are some unique photos posted that several of us captured. The EVPs were loaded this morning. I will be adding to these as I still have more evidence to crawl through.

Link directly to the page here:



Check out the Entities-R-Us comic series here:

Enjoy! … and stay tuned as we have another investigation next week!


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Garrison House Redux!!

Garrison House

Garrison House as the sun wanes. -photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Oops we did it again! We returned to the Garrison House bed and breakfast in Fort Montgomery, NY on January 19th. We were excited to do this one again as we were encumbered by a film crew last time. The ghosts were shy with all the excitement. This time were were lucky enough to draw them out.

We have quite a bit of photo evidence I will post this weekend. We are still going through audio evidence.

If you get a chance to visit Fort Montgomery, which is near West Point, stop in to the Garrison to stay for a night and hang with the spirits! The gift shop is delightful and you will never find more gracious hosts than Holly and her team. We do a number of investigations at various places. There are few that will offer you so much as a cup of coffee. Holly allowed us the run of the place. Nichole participated on the investigation. The coffee was flowing and we were as welcome as could be. Thank you Holly and Nichole. You folks rock!

We welcomed to this investigation John Boles, a new investigator for IndyPara. As we often do, we joined Poughkeepsie Paranormal for this one. Our teams work seamlessly together. It is a pleasure to work with James Mulcahy and his team.

Stay tuned! There is more to come! Also, read the comic series about this investigation on Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic!

Eat Cookies and Hunt Ghosts!


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